The NFL Is Screwing You Out Of Your Roman Numerals


Super Bowl What?

by Drew Sarver

Say it ain’t so Joe…Namath. The NFL announced that the fiftieth Super Bowl, played in two years, will not have any Roman numerals in its logo. Horse Hockey! Wrong sport, but it was such an eloquent response from Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H.

Super Bowl 10, Super Bowl 25, Super Bowl 30. Do those look good at all? NO. But Super Bowl X, Super Bowl XXV, and Super Bowl XXX are All-American awesomeness.  How could the NFL do this to us? To the Romans?

Super Bowl 50? That’s lame, granted Super Bowl L isn’t exactly sexy, but it’s still Roman and it’s still a numeral. Whose to say we can’t change the Roman Alphabet, er, Numeralbet anyway? Whose going to protest? Julius Caesar? You saw what happened to him. Et tu Goodell?

How about Super Bowl XXXXX – Look at it, bow down to it, revel in it. Who cares that is not how you say 50 in Roman numerals. It’s not like the Romans have a union or anything.

Or, hey NFL guys, how about you make up your own symbols? The fonts “Wingdings” and “Marlet” have to be there for some reason.



Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!


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