Welcome to the Temporary Home of Designated For Assignment


Welcome to Designated For Assignment. A new site sports and entertainment web based magazine that will be launching on April 1, 2014. We’ll be bringing you the best of the major sports – baseball, football, hockey, and basketball – plus special columns on the World Cup of soccer, golf, tennis, just about any sport you can name. We’ll also have columnists covering music and movies.

Right now we are in the process of putting our team together. If you are interested in writing, proofing, editing, site design, graphics, etc., tell us about yourself, what you would be interested in doing and send examples of your work to me at dsarver@d4assignment.com.

Though the official launch date is April, we will be creating material on this temporary site prior to that for public viewing. Now for the rub – As with most internet start ups, there is no money to be made at the moment. That includes me as well. The hope is that in time we will build a strong brand, sell advertising, and start to bring in enough money to pay you for what you do. That’s right, I am referring to the people we hire now. You won’t be cast adrift in favor of someone with a “professional” background as we grow.

Be sure to check us out our Facebook page as well for site news and stories prior to the official launch. And remember – Blogger is not a dirty word at d4assignment.com.


Drew Sarver 

Publisher & Managing Editor

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